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Implement and streamline many of your church's most important processes.
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Implement and streamline . . .
Many of your church's most important processes.
No matter the size, denomination, or location of your church, these church systems resources were designed with you mind. Systems Bundle 2.0 will help you implement and streamline some of the most important processes in your church.
What does Systems Bundle 2.0 incude?
The bundle includes 5 individual systems with over 48 brand new documents. It is designed to help you better invest in and increase the impact of your congregation, staff, giving, and volunteers.
The Small Group System
Helps You Create A Place for Your People to Connect
One of the most important places your people can experience spiritual growth is beyond the seats of your church on Sunday mornings; it’s sitting in a living room with their small group. Small groups are key to connecting your people together and spurring them on to spiritual growth in a tight knit community. We believe so strongly in the impact small groups can have on your people that we’ve created an entire system designed specifically to help you launch a brand new small group ministry or increase the impact of the one you already have.
Staff Development System
Helps You Invest In &
Maintain A Healthy Staff
We all know that no church can see growth and impact without a strong team to lead the way. This is why it’s imperative for church leaders to constantly spend time pouring into and developing a healthy staff. This resource is packed full of documents and information created to help you intentionally lead, grow, and manage your staff.
Volunteer Recruitment & Development System
Helps You Recruit &
Inspire Your Volunteers
While your church staff may be incredible, they simply can’t do it all—and that’s where volunteers come in! Volunteers are crucial to making the ministry of your church happen every week. That’s why recruiting new volunteers and keeping the volunteers you already have is imperative for your ministry.  This kit is full of resources to help you not only find and train new volunteers but also invest in and hold onto the ones you already have.
Offering Time System
Helps You Enhance the Giving Time In Your Church
Giving is one of the most crucial elements of your church’s growth. But if you were being honest, you’d probably say it’s also one of the most difficult to navigate. This resource will not only help alleviate some of the challenges in developing an offering service, but also provide you with creative content to inspire giving in your congregation.
Pastoral Care &
Counseling System

Helps You Provide Healing & Hope To Your People
Your churches are made up of a variety of people who each have a variety of needs, hurts, and concerns that need to be addressed. Providing care and counseling to your people is one of the most vital parts of pastoring a church. Because the spiritual and emotional health of the individuals in your congregation is so important, we designed this resource to walk with you through the process of helping your people heal.
Increase the impact of your church with these these
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Normally $415, only $229 TODAY!
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IMPORTANT: We're only letting 30 churches in on this deal.
So this special 45% discount is literally only while supplies last.
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