I'm looking for a few good sermons to evaluate personally.
...and I'll send you my personal feedback.
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Because EVALUATED Practice Makes Perfect ...
Send me your sermon, and I'll help you determine:
What went well, what could have gone better, and what's one practical takeaway that will ensure your next sermon is your best sermon.
And it will be your sermon that benefit.
1. Thanking donors is an opportunity, NOT an obligation. When people give money to your church, they haven't made a financial decision - they have made a spiritual one. And it's a decision that should be nurtured and appreciated. If you don't take the time to thank the donors who ARE giving to your church, why would God send you more?
2. Thanking donors is an action, not just an attitude. It's not enough to feel grateful - you have to say thanks. Someone on your team needs to take time to write a personal note of thanks. It really will make a big difference.

 Here is What Will Happen When You Get Your Personal Sermon Evaluation 
The feedback will help you get better.
Jeff will point out your strengths and encourage you to develop those even more in your sermon prep and delivery.
Your sermons will get better.
The feedback will form an outline you can use not just with the sermon being evaluated, but every sermon you plan from now on.
Your confidence will grow.
Jeff's evaluation will serve as a springboard to helping you get better and you'll have the evaluative tools to know that every message you preach can be your best ever.
Your audience will feel more connected to the message.
Most communication principle are universal. So getting better with sermon prep and delivery means getting better at connection.
Three Things You Need to Know about
The number available are very limited.
Because these sermon evaluations are dependent upon Jeff Henderson's time, we can only accommodate about fifteen a month. There's also no guarantee we will continue this service beyond this month.
These are all very personal in nature.
Jeff isn't just giving you a broad evaluation concept, he is actually watching (or reading) your sermon and giving you tailored feedback and tips. This is a rarity! He investing hours of his own time.
This type of hands-on consulting could cost thousands.
But we've dropped the price as low as we can go, for now, to get pastors the customized help they need with their sermons.
You just click the button below and reserve your Sermon Evaluation. 
You'll get an email of where to send your sermon.
In approx. 7-10 days, you'll receive an email with the recorded evaluation.
Use the feedback to make your next sermon even better.
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