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Learn the Principles and the Action Steps that Will Take Your Worship Experience to the Next Level
How To Encourage Musicians To Play Together As A Team is a step-by-step guide and video training that helps you discover HOW to teach your worship band to work together effectively so they will lead the congregation into worship.
The goal of worship is to help your congregation connect with their Heavenly Father.
When leading worship, many musicians tend to focus only on their instrument or their part in the worship experience. Doing this will lead to disunity in the worship band which, in turn, interferes with the congregation's ability to connect with God.

One of the biggest challenges for musicians is not playing their instrument, but listening to the rest of the band in order to follow cues and know how to play most effectively as a team. To be able to encourage your musicians to play together as a team, you need vision. You need organization. You need specific skills. You need to know how to bring out the best in the band. 
“If you want your worship music to win, you have to pay attention to what's going on in the bigger picture.” – Todd Fields.
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