Grow your church now by creating a safe place for children and an anxiety-free place for parents to worship!
Everything you need to ensure that parents can confidently and peacefully drop off their kids!
· Ready-to-use documents
· Done-for-you training pieces 
· Policies, Processes and Plans 
· 25 Practical Documents and Resources
*special webinar BONUS
Let’s be honest...

“Child safety” can be a confusing mountain to climb. 

Everybody has an opinion on what your church needs in this area, but no one is putting those resources in your hands. 

In reality, there are questions for church leaders like...

· "What is important for me to know?"
· "What is important for me to do?"
· "What resources need to be placed in the hands of my volunteers?"
· "How do I train volunteers to be ready for all situations?"
· "How do I communicate to parents in a way that put their hearts at peace?"

For most children’s ministry leaders, these questions linger in the back of their minds, but they seem too overwhelming to tackle.

Think about this…
When parents feel at ease about the safety of your children’s ministry, they are more likely to show up.

When they show up, your children’s ministry grows.

Parent ease = children’s ministry growth!

The Child Safety System will move your children’s ministry protection from “need-to-have” to “have-in-place.”

Just a few of the resources included…

· Bathroom policy
· Discipline policy
· Allergy plan
· Health guidelines
· Weather emergency plan
· Power outage plan
· Fire evacuation plan
· Suspicious person protocol

And much more!
This system will not only give you practical tools to keep your kids safe, it will also give you parent and volunteer resources, all directed at protecting the children in your church!
Fast Action Webinar BONUS: 
Guest Services System (Regularly: $139)
Everything you need to engage guests and build an incredible guest services volunteer team!
BONUS 2: Timeless Sermon Series (Only Available to 5+ Pricing Offer)
This three-part sermon series is designed to help increase generosity in your church. Created by Jeff Henderson. 
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Child Safety System
+ Fast Action Bonus
  • One Time Payment
  • Special Webinar Pricing on all 25 Documents & Resources
  • Save 36%
  • YOUR BONUS: Guest Service System $139 VALUE
Child Safety System 
+ What Happens When You Attend

  • One Time Payment 
  • Includes What Happens When You Attend 
    (48 Per Case)  w/ Blank Thank You Notes/Envelopes
  • Save 54%
  • YOUR BONUS: Guest Service System $139 VALUE
+ Sunday Morning Systems Coaching
  • One Time Payment 
  • Includes What Happens When You Attend 
    (48 Per Case) w/ Blank Thank You Notes/Envelopes
  • Includes Sunday Morning Systems Coaching 
  • YOUR BONUS: Guest Service System $139 VALUE
What Happens When You Attend 
(Regularly: $199)
This physical resource will help you thank people who attend in your church and it will encourage people to continue attending. It really does work. Delivery for booklets takes 7-10 business days.
· Each booklet is 38-pages, full-color
· There are 48 in each case
· Includes blank thank you note with envelope
Sunday Morning Systems Coaching 
(Regularly: $1198)
Create A Beginning To End Worship Service Experience with Monthly Bite Sized Coaching.
This Premium Resource is Designed to Walk You Through How to Create Intentional Services Week After Week. 

Grow your church now by creating a safe place for children and an anxiety-free place for parents to worship!
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