Want to make your Christmas offering your most successful giving time of the year?
Christmas Offering Coaching is a complete system for you to deploy and make Christmas your most successful giving time.
Make December your strongest giving month of the year.
Imagine what it would be like if you could take your average offering size 52 weeks a year and double, triple or quadruple it?

You have to deploy an intentional system that helps your church move toward massive action. 

Use the Christmas Coaching Offering System to make December the strongest giving month of the year. 
What is the Christmas Offering Coaching?
(and more importantly...what do I get?)
The Christmas Offering Coaching System is a 4-week, 4-lesson online training program that will help you:

  • Find your purpose
  •  Create a calendar
  •  Tell your church
  •  Do the day
  •  Say thank you
When you join today, you'll get ... 
so you don’t forget anything

so you know what to do when

Goal Grid 
to know if your offering is successful

to write out your church’s goals

Example order of service 
for the offering day

Top 5 communication secrets 
for the Christmas offering

Know the Numbers
A Broke Proof System for Budgeting, Reporting, Bookkeeping and Leading Finance Teams

When you commit to know the numbers, and put the systems in place to help you do so, you’ll have more peace and less stress. Dollars will flow to ministry without stressing out the entire team. You will be able to lead at a higher level.
Priced To Meet Every Budget and Approval Process

Christmas Offering Coaching + Know the Numbers
(VALUED AT $558)
  • Christmas Offering Coaching (valued at $499)
  • BONUS: Know the Numbers (valued at $59)
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