The Only All-In-One Giving Solution That Can Double Your Church Income
Are you looking for bells & whistles...
or do you want MORE money for ministry?
Rocket Donations is easy to set up on your existing website and comes with a full service strategy to help you launch to your congregation and keep them giving.
Only 14% of churches beat their budget year after year...and there's ONE common thread... Online, Recurring Donations. But, how do you move people to set up recurring giving and maintain it??? That's where our team comes in...
Rocket Donations is the first giving system that couples cutting edge software with world class coaching so that you can have more money flowing freely into your church.
What Is Rocket Donations?
It's a proven way to increase giving in your church. This isn't just "software". 
We give you the tools and the coaching that will 10X your churches giving.
  • Digital giving/payment processing solution
  • Web/Cloud-based application (laptop, desktop)
  • Mobile Enabled (Android, iPhone, iPad, Kindle, etc.)
  • There is no “software to install”
  • People can donate in 3 clicks, and make recurring donations in 4 clicks in less than one minute!
  • Takes all major credit and debit cards
  • Digital giving LAUNCH strategy (average church launches in 5 days), including launch coaching videos, sermon outlines and notes, giving talks, emails, letters, graphics, thank-you notes, etc.
  • Digital giving SEASONAL strategy (5x per year, for the life of the account), including coaching videos, ads, slides, giving talks, emails, sermon notes, finance resources, etc.
  • 5 seasons: New Year, Spring, Summer, Fall, & Holiday
  • All resources are focused on digital giving
  • Concierge assigned to your church
  • Coaching on how to use the technology
  • Lifetime support
  • Success coaching the first 6 months (monthly coaching call)
  • Road map on how to use all of the SPARK resources
-- Why are digital donations so important? --


✔ 70+% of all transactions in the United States are done on a debit or credit card.

✔ Checks and cash are in severe decline.

✔ The average church should have 35-50% of their donations digitally to be in step with the donors’          financial transaction patterns.

✔ If you don’t have an effective digital strategy, you are MISSING donations.

✔ Recent Church Study: 1,200 person church with outdated digital giving platform and no strategy.           40% gave zero dollars in 2015. Tracked through F-1Management Tool.


✔ The average donor misses at least one tithe per year, but most churches agree it is more like 2-3 tithes per year.

✔ People go on vacation, are sick or simply forget their check book. Usually,churches do not recover those forgotten or missed tithes.

✔ If those donors schedule a recurring donation for the same time each month, then you won’t miss the tithe.

✔ Recent Church Study: 2,100 person church with up to date digital giving software, but no communication strategy. 73% of the donor base could not sustain back-to-back-to-back months of giving (90 days / 3 month blocks). Meaning, only 27% of their congregation gave in 3 consecutive months.


✔ If you get digital participation, you will often see a total increase in annual giving (from people who were previously giving little to none or inconsistent due to checks and cash. More total dollars come in!).

✔ But, if you can convert a portion of that participation to recurring donations, it will truly impact the operating budget.

✔ For example: if you get $300K in digital donations each year but NONE are recurring…then you can’t “plan” on those donations, you have to keep asking, asking, asking. If a third were on recurring schedules, it would be $100K per year or $8,333 in monthly predictable donations.
View comprehensive coaching videos that demonstrate to your entire team the why, how, where, and when to use each example and done-for-you resource.
Download and share samples, examples and sermon planning documents to help with weekly sermon prep.
Join our private facebook community of leaders and members where you can ask questions, get answers, and learn more from your peers and colleagues.
You'll have access to audio downloads so you can listen and learn while you're driving or exercising.
What smart churches are saying...


MODULE 1: How To Build A Great Sermon

Discover how to prepare your sermon with your congregation in mind, structure your message for maximum impact, and take control of your weekly schedule.

MODULE 2: Creating Sermons That Stick

Learn to craft an unforgettable bottom line — a one sentence summary of your message to drive home the main point in you sermon.

MODULE 3: How to Deal With Criticism

Find out how to deal with criticism in a positive, healty way , and how to get the best, most productive feedback to help you grow as a pastor and communicator.

MODULE 4 : How To Develop An Annual, Monthly, and Weekly Preaching Calendar

Better sermons begin with better preparation. Creating a preaching calendar is a HUGE step in this process.

MODULE 5: Preaching To The Unchurched

Discover effective strategies for creating messages that reach the unchurched (who may be giving God and the church one last shot.

MODULE 6 : The Crucial First Five Minutes 

Master the two most important components of your introduction, and learn how to connect with your congregation in the first five minutes so you can win the right to be heard.

MODULE 7: Preaching That Elicits A Response

Discover how to weave simple action steps into your message so that people don't just hear your message...they apply it to their lives.

MODULE 8 : Preaching The Gospel

You've been called to preach the Gospel, but it's not alwasy easy. Learn proven techniques for communicating the Gospel

MODULE 9 : Becoming A Master Of Stories and Illustrations

Master the art of building stories into your sermons so that people can relate your messages to their own lives. 

MODULE 10: How To Create A Preaching Dream Team

Learn how to build a preaching team to help you create high-impact, church building sermons each week.

MODULE 11: How to Improve Your Sermon Prep Process

Learn the four essential steps for preparing your messages, and how to make the preparation process more personal and inspiring.

MODULE 12: The Missing Ingredient That Will Change Everything

Find out how your emotional and spiritual health affects your church, and how to improve these aspects of yourself.
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Limited Time Webinar Pricing
Rocket Donations & SPARK
*One-Time $249 Implementation Fee 
  • Digital Giving Platform
  • Seamless Payment Processing 
  • SPARK Campaign 
  • SPARK Seasonal Strategy Coaching
  • Mobile Enabled 
  • Additional Digital Giving Resources
  • Lifetime Support
  • $29 Monthly
BONUS: KNOW THE NUMBERS (normally $59)
A Broke Proof System for Budgeting, Reporting, Bookkeeping and Leading Finance Teams.

This resource will teach you:

- How to create church budget that actually works
- The #1 secret to making a broke proof church budget
- The seven numbers you and your team need to know
- How to read a profit and loss statement and other important financial statements
- The qualities of a good bookkeeper + a sample job description
- The kind of people to put on your finance team
- The one thing NOT to do with your finance team
- What to do at finance team meetings
You’ll also get the following resources:

A customizable spreadsheet to help you track attendance and giving.
And Illustrated balance sheets and financial statements. 

We're so confident you'll be thrilled with your newly acquired ability to craft amazing sermons that if, at the end of the program, you're not happy with the results, we'll refund all of your money.

No questions asked.
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